Dental emergency refers to dental symptoms or conditions that need prompt treatment. Dental emergencies can arise due to many causes like accidents, injuries, tooth decay, oral infection and so on.



When to visit the emergency care?

If you have sudden, severe pain or trouble breathing or if your mouth is bleeding constantly, then you should visit your nearest hospital emergency department immediately. Also if you have conditions like:

• Injuries on your mouth, jaw or teeth
• Uncontrolled gum bleeding
• Severe mouth, neck or face swelling
• Bacterial infection
• Cysts and tumors

Then, it is a case of a dental emergency and you should contact your dentist. We, at Samaj Dental, are available 24X7 at your service for any cases of dental emergencies.

What are some common dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies are common issues in Nepal and there are common dental emergencies that require immediate checkup and treatment which include:

• Teeth Abscess: Caused due to localized bacterial infection
• Irreversible pulpitis: in which the pulp of the teeth is inflamed
• Tooth Fracture: Chipped or broken tooth
• Missing Tooth
• Cellulitis: soft-tissue bacterial infection that causes swelling and pain