How to teach your Children to brush their teeth ? – Dr. Priyanka Singh Rathour

29 July, 2021

When to Start ?

Parents should start teaching children about dental care at an early age. You should not expect your child to perfect toothbrushing-take it slow and make sure to supervise.

Brushing technique for children-
-Clean outer and inner sides by making small circles .Help your child by brushing back and forth on chewing surface of the teeth . Don’t forget to spit out after brushing. Habits are made when you do daily , thus make sure it as part of daily routine, in the morning and before bedtime .

Don’t skip brushing after consuming sticky sugary food and drinks . In fact skip sugary foods as a whole . Sugar foods and drinks results in cavity . Cavity in teeth of younger children will make their teeth weak and vulnerable to other prone teeth diseases . Be sure to check  how to prevent cavities in Kids for a healthy teeth.

As a responsible parent be sure to replace your Child’s toothbrush after every three month or sooner if the bristle begin to look worn out because kids bite their toothbrush frequently. Never put off your child’s dental checkup; if you prioritize it, they will as well.
Make dental hygiene an enjoyable habit for your child so they don’t avoid it.

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