How to prevent cavities in kids for a healthy teeth

3 May, 2021

Cavities in kids is a serious growing problem and dentists suggest cavities are very common dental problems in young age. To be more precious cavity is a decayed part of the tooth.

These cavities can develop when bacteria and food left on the teeth after eating are not properly brushed. If this probelm is not properly sorted out there is high chance of your kid loosing their teeth, We don’t want that to happen right? As a saying goes Prevention is better than cure .

How to Spot Cavity in kids?

  1. Sensitive to cold and hot drinks
  2. mouth swelling
  3. dark and white spots on teeth
  4. allergy

How to Prevent Cavities in Kids ?

First of all a good oral health education is a most for kids . Kids follow the exact same behavior as the grown ups.

The habit of brushing teeth twice a day and flushing at least once a day should be properly guided by the parents. If the symptoms tend to be in more younger kids then proper infant oral care are there to help. Infants don’t have teeth but they have germs .

Parents often give children whatever they like to eat . If the kid eats chocolate daily and doesn’t have the habit to brush teeth then parents should offer healthier alternatives for their children.

Here are some prevention methods to keep cavities away from kids :

  • Offer Healthier Alternatives : If kids have sweet tooth, offer healthier alternatives to satisfy their cravings and maintain good dental health. Alternatives to cake, ice cream, cookies, or candy are yogurt, frozen bananas, dried fruits, etc.
  • Teach Good Habits : Teach kids to brush at least twice a day and to floss regularly.
  • Routine Checkup : Seeing the dentist in every 6 months is a good practice. The kid will form a good habit if parents will routinely take them to the dentists.
  • Increase High Dense Fruits and Water :Fruits and vegetables high in water helps to keep mouth hydrated. Crisp fruits and vegetables increase production of saliva, inhibiting bacteria from sticking to the teeth.
  • Drink Plenty Of Water Everyday : Drinking plenty of water every day, throughout the day, is one of the most effortless habits for preventing dental cavities in children. In general, water can flush bacteria from the mouth and prevent acid from building up on the teeth. Fluoridated tap water can add another layer of protection, as fluoride is a proven cavity fighter.
  • Rich Acid-Foods : Adding acid rich foods like nuts, cheese can help to remineralize the teeth. These foods helps in brain development also . Proper food routine can make a kids gum stronger.

Looking Ahead:

The kids habit keeps on changing . The parents should focus mainly in updating their children food routine and eating habits. Those proper eating habit will not only make children healthy but also it is sure to make their tooth healthier. These are the methods about how to prevent cavities for kids.

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