Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Samaj Dental, we change lives one smile and one step at a time to make a positive and sustainable difference in the lives of our people. We are committed to aware the general public about oral health and create access to oral dental health care by organizing free dental camps, oral health awareness programs and free oral health screening across the country.

About Us

Samaj Dental Hospital, with the help of expert dentists and a strong team, was founded on 16th July 2001 at New Baneshwor. It is now one of the reputed dental hospitals in Kathmandu, known to provide affordable, prompt and quality dental treatment to its patients. Located at New Baneshwor, the hospital is a government-registered hospital, accredited to national standards.


Welcome to Samaj Dental Hospital, a leading visionary dental care center, committed to expert oral health care and treatment. With a team of specialists, we aspire to provide outstanding dental services that are easily accessible to our clients and patients. That’s why, we are now located in three different locations: New Baneshwor, Jawalakhel Chowk, Basundhara Chauki, B.P. Smriti Hospital Basundhara, Radhe-Radhe Bhaktapur, Suncity Pepsicola, Banepa, Gatthaghar and Boudha-Jorpati.